Salesforce Automation, Powered by Your Voice

 Access and manage sales data, and get real-time insights—with the ease of voice commands.

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Manage Sales
Data, on the go

Not only can Mark fetch you data about your leads, contacts, accounts, opportunities, upcoming meetings, tasks, and more from your Salesforce, but he can also create, edit and delete records for you via intuitive voice commands.

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Log events,
in a breeze

Log your important events with ease through audio instructions to Mark.

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Add notes,

Mark allows you to effortlessly add notes to Salesforce against leads, opportunities, contacts, and accounts through voice inputs.

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Send emails,

Let Mark compose and send your emails to leads or contacts via Gmail or Outlook.

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Schedule meets,

With Mark, you can easily send Calendar invite links using voice commands.

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Add tasks,

Let Mark add tasks in Salesforce for you through audio instructions.

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Revolutionalizing the CRM game

Dive deeper by watching the video below

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Turbocharge your journey to master the Salesforce skies

Stay updated and excel at your CRM game

Ensure your Salesforce data stays as up-to-date and precise as a jet’s navigation system. By integrating real-time information from discussions and interactions at supersonic speed, Mark eliminates the need for manual entry, just like an autopilot. This facilitates prompt decision-making, akin to a pilot making split-second decisions during a flight.

Your free Lite Version awaits!

Get a glimpse of the transformative power of Salesforce simplification with our no-cost Lite Version. This plan provides a preview into CopilotForce’s capabilities, seamlessly operated via voice and text inputs.

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Safeguarding Your Data
with CopilotForce

We care about your privacy at CopilotForce. When you use CopilotForce, your Salesforce data is only available on your Teams or mobile device. We don’t store or have access to anyone’s Salesforce data. What’s more, we use robust security methods and procedures to guarantee the protection of your data.

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